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cPanel/WHM Dedicated Servers


Choose dedicated server hosting for the ultimate in performance and control with 100% uptime guarantee
Network and power connectivity guaranteed

cPanel/WHM Dedicated Servers

cPanel/WHM Servers prices includes the license for cPanel/WHM Server license , based on Centos 6.5 64bit

Server RAM Storage price/m
Intel® Quad-Core Core2 Quad 2.40GHz 8GB 1x1000GB 1100 L.E.
Intel® Core™ i3-540 3.06GHz H/T 8GB 2x1000GB SW RAID Call
Intel® Quad-Core 2 x E5506 2.13GHz 24GB 2x1000GB SW RAID Call
Dual Intel® Xeon® 2 x E5620 2.40GHz 24GB 2x1000GB SW RAID Call

* All servers includes 100Mbps direct connection and a full remote access
* Servers Data center located in Montreal/Canada